Explore a world of skincare devoted to Creating Longevity.


Bring the concept of Creating Longevity® to the center of your life by experiencing Forbidden City Skincare. Introducing Bio-Nymph® DNA Repair, Forbidden City revolutionizes skincare with this ground-breaking active ingredient. Bridging the physical and ideological foundations of two great skincare traditions, all of the products contain a Swiss-Asian Complex.

This complex is packed with vitamins derived from Asian plants and fruits, such as Green Tea, Goji, Mulberry and Sakura extracts. From the Swiss Alps, organically grown rare plant extracts work to help heal and fortify skin depleted by the natural aging effects of the environment. Finally, mineral enriched Swiss Spa Water, from a source found during Roman times, forms the essence of all of the therapies.

Begin with serum and masque, two amazing entrées to the world of Forbidden City Creating Longevity.  Our Amethyst masque is mini facial in a bottle, cleaning, healing and leaving your skin ready to accept the fabulous treatments that await.  Use the Amethsyt Longevity Serum to provide the maximum impact in achieving your anti-ageing goals.  The highest levels of Bio-Nymph peptide active ingredient as well as our Swiss Asian complex, Moisture Complex and magical color changing amethyst crystals will treat you skin throughout the day and help you achieve a radiant and ageless complexion.

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Editions of Privacy

Perfumes reach our hearts and change our souls.  Reminders of moments and emotions, fantasies and familiarities, pragmatism and playfulness – these are the editions of Forbidden City Perfumes.  Find your moment of perfection, masterfully formulated in Switzerland, through our collection of ambience and unisex scents. Read more about our Edition de Parfum Cité Privée, made for the most exclusive set of clients in the world, by clicking here.  Our scent made exclusively for Luxaviation Group, and featured on board their entire fleet and VIP Salons worldwide, is also available for purchase only by Luxaviation clients using their secret code.  Did you enjoy the lovely scent on board or the unisex perfume that world of private jet owners is raving about?  They are all available only for you on the Forbidden City E-Boutique.

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